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Scarring from Dog Bites

If you or your child have been bitten and attacked by a dog, there is a good chance that you are going to be left with a scar. Unfortunately, dog bites are common in Kirkland, Seattle, Bellingham, and across Washington State. The scar may fade with time, but it is also possible that your scar will be a permanent one. There are two types of scars that often come about as a result of a serious dog bite. The first is called a keloid scar. The second is called a hypertrophic scar.

Hypertrophic Scars

Scars are common as your skin heals from a dog bite or a dog attack. A hypertrophic scar comes about because of an abnormal reaction. The scar, visually speaking, is thick, wide and is often raised where the skin was broken by the dog’s bite. If there is an overproduction of collagen when the wounds is infected, or if the wound is inflamed, then the hypertrophic scar can occur.

Everyone is different and unique in terms of how their skin heals. Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloid scars. However, a key difference is that they are not as severe and they do not expand past the boundaries of where the skin was first injured by the dog bite. Fortunately, these kinds of scars are not a threat to one’s life, but they can itch and cause people some level of discomfort and pain.

However, there is not one known treatment for these kinds of scars, but there are a number of different kinds of treatments to help. These kinds of scars are raised, generally red in color, and they can come about anywhere on the body.

Treating a Hypertrophic Scar

Before looking into treatment options for a hypertrophic scar, you should remember that it can take up to a year or more for a scar to mature. Because these kinds of scars can take awhile to heal, most doctors will keep from treating a hypertrophic scar. Injecting a steroid into the scarred area every six weeks can help the scar become flatter and somewhat softer, but there is not an infinite number of times such an injection can be placed in you without causing some harm or making the procedure ineffective.

Laser therapy is another way to help treat it as the lasers burn away and flatten elevated scars and they can make the redness of the scar less pronounced. Surgery can also be done, so long as it is at least a year since the scar was first formed by the dog bite. Cryotherapy is another way to treat the scar from the dog bite, which involves freezing the scar with liquid nitrogen. This will flatten the scar out. This treatment has a history of being very effective. Bleomycin is also helpful when it is injected straight into the scar. It can help with the way the scar looks and ease the feeling of pain and itching.

Keloid Scar

A keloid scar is a scar that is considered raised. They are much bigger than the dog bite wound that originally caused the scar. These kinds of scars, after dog bites, can take a long time to appear, possibly months. After a dog bite, these kinds of scars are very painful and they can often itch badly. These scars are large enough that they have an impact on a person’s ability to move and function. There are different treatment options for the keloid scar depending on what part of the body has the scar.

A keloid scar can take anywhere from three to twelve months to appear on the body. They are normally visible as either a red, pink, or purple color. The skin is raised and the surface of the scar is usually flat. These scars can grow for up to a year and they can grow rapidly, even tripling in size on some occasions. The skin that has the scarred part of it will not feel the same as the rest of the skin. It will feel hard or even somewhat rubbery. Over time, the dog bite scar, if it is truly a keloid scar, will darken on your skin. After a dog bite, the keloid scar is most likely to develop on these parts of your body:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Ears

The size of the scar can vary in size. It can go from the size of a small pea to the size of a football.

Treating a Keloid Scar After a Dog Bite

There is no way one singular way to treat a keloid scar after a dog bite. Your age and where the dog bite occurred on your body are all relevant factors in terms of how to treat the keloid scar. Injections of steroids into the keloid scar area is often a common and effective way to treat the scar from your dog bite, but these injections must take place every month or so approximately. Surgery is also an option with these keloid scars. Radiation treatment is another option. After the keloid scar is surgically taken out, then radiation treatment will begin.

Nerve Injuries from Dog Bites

Being bitten or attacked by a dog can leave people with permanent and life-altering injuries, including scars and nerve injuries. Without extensive medical care, it is unlikely that these injuries are going to improve with time. There are a number of different kinds of nerve injuries that result from a dog bite. The most common are listed below.

Common Nerve Injuries from Dog Bites

Neurapraxia is a common nerve injury from a dog bite, especially if the dog bite comes from a larger breed of dog that inflicts serious pressure, which are dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Pit Bulls. This kind of nerve damage is often the result of a crushing injury. This kind of damage is not the kind to last forever, however.

Axonotmesis is a kind of nerve damage that comes about in most cases when your nerves are all but entirely crushed from the dog’s bite. These can be so serious that you’re unable to move your arm. It may take anywhere from a few months to a few years to recover from this kind of injury.

Neurotmesis is a kind of nerve damage that comes about because of loss of nerves that are permanent in nature. If you have this kind of nerve damage, you may never be able to use your limb again. Or you may have extremely limited range of motion in the affected limb. Unfortunately, surgery will not be able to help you if you have this kind of nerve damage.

How The Jackman Law Firm Can Help For Nerve Injuries After a Dog Bite

After receiving nerve injuries from a dog bite, you are understandably upset and concerned about your future. There may be permanent numbness or tingling in the area of your body that was bitten. These injuries can be life-altering in many instances. After enduring this kind of attack, you need to understand what you are legally allowed to recover for your case.

Here is a list of the most common things you can recover after a dog bite:

  • Money for medical bills
  • Money for future medical bills
  • Money for lost wages
  • Money for future lost wages
  • Money for pain and suffering

You are also allowed to receive money for out of pocket expenses you might have incurred as a result of the dog bite, such as buying a cast or bandages. It is important to understand that future medical bills are often needed to treat your ongoing injuries, which will likely not just vanish on their own with time. Rather, the nerve injury you are suffering from needs time and a great deal of treatment, which may include surgery, in order to get to the root of the problem.

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