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If you have been injured by another person or company’s negligence, we can help you. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been hurt. We understand the tremendous pressure you feel after an accident that is not your fault. You are probably receiving phone calls from insurance companies, you’re missing work, and you are unsure where to turn. If this sounds familiar, why go through this process alone? We have the experience to help you through this difficult time. The consultation is free and we work on a contingency fee, meaning we do not receive any money unless you do. Put our experience and impeccable track record on your side.

Car Accident Car Accident

Car accidents are an unfortunate and all too common occurrence in Seattle, Kirkland, Olympia, Bellingham and across Washington State. Car accidents can leave lasting injuries on people who have been harmed. Whether it is a whiplash injury or an injury that has left you with a herniated disc or a brain injury, every accident is a serious one and deserves attention. After an accident, typically there are many insurance companies calling either for updates or to try to get you to settle your case. If you were hit by someone who does not have car insurance, you may be wondering if you are able to receive any kind of settlement. Your questions need an experienced and successful attorney to answer them and give you the best advice possible on your particular situation. If you are going through a serious injury after a car accident, feel free to call The Jackman Law Firm for a free consultation.

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Truck Accident Truck Accident

There are many large pickup trucks, including 18-wheelers and semi-trucks, on the roads in Seattle, Bellingham, Kirkland, and Olympia. These trucks can cause significant damage if you get into an accident with them. If you have been hit by a large truck, then you need to seek medical care to treat your injuries. After you do this, if you want to pursue a claim against the owner of the truck, then you need to determine whether there is a viable claim against the truck’s insurance company, which is often a commercial insurance policy. Truck accident cases can be difficult to litigate because they are aggressively defended. However, they can also leave someone with very serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, or even kill someone. Given the stakes involved with these cases, it is best not to go through them alone. The Jackman Law Firm has litigated many trucking cases successfully and we can help you during this difficult time.

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Bicycle Accidents Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are everywhere in Seattle and special lanes have been dedicated to protect people who ride in them. However, despite these precautions, it does not always mean drivers will see a person on a bicycle and take measures to avoid them. There are many people who simply never see a car coming when it strikes them, especially when they are driving at night or in rainy weather, which Seattle and Bellingham and Olympia often have. After being in a bicycle accident, you may not be sure where to turn as insurance companies are pressuring you to sign documents. If this is the case, do not go through this process alone. Insurance companies for cars rarely have your best interests at heart. While they may this, it is not always true. Quick settlements right after your injury may not be in your best interests. An attorney who has a lot of experience and success with out of court negotiations and, just as importantly, experience and success litigating cases in trial. If you have been harmed while on a bicycle, feel free to call for a free consultation with a Seattle personal injury attorney.

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents

When driving on a motorcycle, you are left vulnerable to cars, trucks, and SUVs. Many of these other vehicles simply do not see motorcycles until they have already collided with them. Oftentimes the injuries after these accidents are very severe, resulting in serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. To make matters worse, after you have been injured, you have to deal with an insurance company for the car or truck who struck you. These insurance companies are not always there to help you reach the best resolution of your case. Many times they are there to simply have you accept a quick and unfair settlement and move on. Before settling your case, it is best to speak to an accomplished, experienced attorney who has a long history of negotiating and litigating cases involving injured motorcyclist.

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Crosswalk AccidentsCrosswalk Accidents

Crosswalks may seem like safe places, but often they are the site of serious accidents, even tragedies. Given how often people are on their cellphones while driving, it is no wonder there are so many people struck in crosswalks, who often never see a car, truck, or SUV coming when it strikes them. If you have been injured by a car while in a crosswalk, you may be able to make a claim against the driver’s insurance company. If that car’s driver also had what is called PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, they may be able to pay a portion of your medical bills. If the driver who hit you while you were in the crosswalk did not have any kind of insurance, you will have to look to your own car insurance company to compensate you for your injuries. Being hit in a crosswalk can leave people with permanent and life-altering injuries that deserve serious compensation for what they have been through. Do not try to handle this situation on your own. The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC can help you through this difficult time.

Construction AccidentsConstruction Accidents

Working at a construction site is often a very dangerous job. Roofers, it has been reported, have the third most dangerous job in the country, in terms of rates of accidents and deaths. There are many different ways someone can be injured on a jobsite and possible ways to recover compensation for your injuries. One way is to make a L&I claim, or a Labor and Industries claim, which is known as workman’s compensation in other states. L&I will pay a portion of your paycheck and a settlement, if you are declared partially disabled, at the end of your case. If another company caused your injury, which is known as a third party claim, then you may have an additional source of recovery by making both a third party and a L&I claim. With third party claims, you have to prove that another company or individual was responsible for your injuries. This is not always an easy thing to do, but the Jackman Law Firm has a long track record of success in helping people recover money for their injuries in exactly these kinds of situations.

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Birth InjuriesBirth Injuries

Injuries to children or pregnant mothers giving birth are among the most tragic cases. Injuries to children while being birthed can be life-altering and have catastrophic consequences on the baby, along with the mother. While it may seem unthinkable to bring a claim against a doctor or hospital, it may be the only thing to do given the situation. Doctors and hospitals have insurance policies to protect them from cases where a birth injury occurs because of a doctor or hospital’s negligence. Thus, you will likely not be personally harming the doctor for the doctor’s mistakes. If your child suffers from a birth injury, the Jackman Law Firm has the experience and resources to help you through this difficult time. Feel free to call for a confidential, free consultation to discuss your case.

Injuries to ChildrenInjuries to Children

Children who have been injured because of another person or company’s negligence deserve serious attention. It is tragic and often avoidable to see a child who has been injured and the Jackman Law Firm, PLLC feels a special dedication to helping children who have been injured by the negligence of another person or company. Common ways children are hurt include car accidents, swimming pools, daycares, and playground equipment. In addition to being physically injured, children may also have emotional injuries that deserve special attention. The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC has the touch and compassion to help children and their families recover from serious injuries. In addition, we have the grit and determination to hold those accountable who have caused harm to children. If your child has been injured by another person or company’s negligence, we can help you during this time. Feel free to call for a free consultation with a Seattle personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Medical Device InjuriesMedical Device Injuries

If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous medical device, you have a limited time window to bring a claim against the manufacturer. Common devices that we have litigated include surgical equipment, hospital equipment, surgical implants, and prosthetic devices. These devices may have been installed in your knees, hips, or placed vaginally or for a hernia problem. The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC has the experience and track-record to bring claims against medical device manufacturers to make sure you receive the compensation your owed for your injuries.

Defective Drug InjuriesDefective Drug Injuries

Taking a pharmaceutical drug that has an adverse affect on your health can be devastating and feel like a betrayal of trust. There are many pharmaceutical drugs that are dangerous and have either been recalled or do not have the requisite warning on them to inform people of the dangers of the drugs they are taking. Companies like Bayer and Johnson & Johnson have many drugs on the market that have harmed people and left them with disastrous health problems, including death. If you have taken a drug that has left you with an adverse side effect or have been harmed by a drug, please call The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Dog BitesDog Bites

Dog bites on people and children can be life-altering and leave people with serious injuries, including terrible scars. Thousands of people are bitten by dogs in Washington State every year. If you have been bitten or had a child who has been bitten, we can help you through this process. The vast majority of the time you will have to bring a claim against the insurance company for the homeowner or renter. The Jackman Law Firm can help you bring closure to your dog bite claim. We have the resources and know-how to work with the insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement for your case. Feel free to call The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC for a free consultation to discuss your dog bite claim.

Premise LiabilityPremise Liability

If you are a customer at a business, then you have the right to expect that the business is safe and maintained well. However, this is not always the case. People often trip and fall or slip and fall on the properties of businesses. In addition, sometimes people are injured because of a company’s negligence in not providing enough security, whether at a restaurant, bar, hotel, or mall, and because of the lack of security available, a customer is harmed. In order to win a premise liability case, you must show that the owner of the business either knew or should have known that their property was dangerous in some way. If you’ve been hurt on another person’s property, or at a business, please call The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC for a free consultation.

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Chris Jackman is the founder and managing partner of The Jackman Law Firm, PLLC. He has been privileged to help people obtain fair compensation from the negligence and wrongdoing of others. His practice is limited to litigation in serious personal injury matters.

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Mr. Jackman has far exceeded my expectations in handling my case. I had hired another lawyer shortly after my accident, only to be told 2 short months before the statute of limitations ran out that he could not represent my case. I reached out to Mr. Jackman and within 4 months my case was settled and closed. Chris Jackman is a qualified, competent, up and coming Seattle Lawyer. He will handle your case in a prompt and professional manor. I can’t say enough about how he changed my perception of lawyers in general. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Jackman to my family and friends. Jim D.
Hired Chris for a personal injury case. I knew the Insurance companies would try to do what they do best – delay payment, save money, and not be fair! (Sorry, not a fan!) And they did just that. Fortunately I hired a caring, compassionate, awesome, kind, focused, brilliant, up and coming Rockstar of an attorney that believed in me and my case. Anytime something came up, I would call him and he would say "I’ll take care of it" and I knew it would be handled. You can count on Chris to go the extra steps to help you, and I really believe in him. Wouldn’t hesitate to hire or recommend. Thank you Chris for being a fair and honest man and Attorney! Anonymous
Mr. Jackman is by far the best to hire for personal injuries. With a tree falling on me and no one wanting to take on the insurance co. Chris meet with me was compassionate with my injuries, came to my house and told me he had my back. He went above and beyond to keep my family and informed on the processes what to expect and even and even worked while away and checked in with me weekly. He believed in me, I believed in him and together yesterday we won my case. If you want 5 star treatment from a 5 Star Lawyer, Chris Jackman is who you need! My family thanks you for all you’ve done!! Anonymous
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